Many visitors to Iten, are coming to do just that what made Iten famous: running. We can help you get the best out of your training, by advising you on your training program, getting private Kenyan pacemakers for you, or by introducing you to a group of Kenyan athletes, in order to train with them. You can either follow your own program or ask us to design a program for you.

Hugo van den Broek holds a Masters degree in Human Movement Sciences and has more than 25 years experience in running at a high level. He meets and speaks with top athletes and coaches on a daily basis. The combination of practical and theoretical knowledge that he gained in the last decades, helps him nowadays in his job as a coach. Hugo is the headcoach of the prestigious Elite Distance Running Programme in India (also known as the National Athletics Academy), which identifies and trains young Indian talents, to become international distance runners. Two of his athletes (Murli Gavit and Abishek Pal), who joined the team 4 years ago as 18 year old boys without much experience, are now the number 1 and 2 in India on the 5000m and 10.000m. Hugo lives and coaches in Iten most of the time. Apart from the Indian runners, he coaches some athletes from all over the world, some amateurs, some elites (up to Olympic level). He also works as the headcoach of the Kenya Experience, see below for more information.


Hugo coaches runners from around the globe online. His athletes come from Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Estonia, Italy, Luxembourg, Germany, The Netherlands, the UK, Iceland and USA. Hugo sends his athletes a tailor-made program and they give and receive feedback about their progress/training, as often as they want – via e-mail or whatsapp – so that the program can be adjusted anytime. Included is also advice about nutrition, sports drink, altitude training and all other aspects of running. For more info send an e-mail to:


For those who like to participate in a fully organized running camp, complete with workshops about 'the Kenyan way of training', guest-talks with Kenyan worldclass athletes, a visit to a Kenyan trainingcamp, and much more; check out our partner The Kenya Experience at

The Kenya Experience was founded by Gavin Smith.  Smith designed a unique program that enables participants to learn everything about 'The Kenyan way' of living and training. The Kenya Experience works with local Kenyan athletes, who are there to guide you during the day and teach you everything.  

The Kenya experience organizes three types of camps
  • Open camps: people from all over the world participate
  • Private camps: in case you already have your own group
  • School camps


with Abel Kirui