While staying in Iten, you can enjoy the comfort of having your own place. This guesthouse is characterized by comfort, privacy, tranquility and an amazing view. The picture at the top of this page shows you the view that you have from the living room of this guesthouse. And the bedrooms have a similar view. This is the Kerio Valley, one of the many valleys that together form the Great Rift Valley. Down in the valley is the newly opened 'Rimoi National Reserve', a big Game Park where crocodiles and elephants live in their natural habitat. From your accommodation, you are looking down at this valley and game park every day. For more pictures and updates, please check the Facebook site from Safari Guesthouse Iten:


This guesthouse has space for 6-7 people, but you can book it for 2 guests or more, and for a minimum of 4 nights. You always book the entire house / accommodation, so you will never have to share it with other guests.  It's in a private compound, which is very secure/safe and private. The bedrooms are spacious and the beds comfortable (4 feet wide and good quality). We always aim for quality and as athletes we know how important a good night's sleep is. The house has two bathrooms, with warm showers, powered by solar and with an electrical back-up, in case the sun isn't strong enough. The living room is there to relax, work, listen to the radio-cd player, or to watch television. The satellite tv includes over 100 channels with 24 hours a day sports, movies, news and music, so there will always be something interesting for you to watch. There is also free WIFI at the guesthouse. Some of our guests never watch television, but download movies or watch Netflix, which is possible with our wifi.


What is really unique about this guesthouse, for Kenyan standards, is that it has its own kitchen. This kitchen is fully equipped and has, among other things, a 4-burner gas cooker, a fridge and a microwave. Although our cook will be there to prepare your lunch and diner, you are free to use the kitchen. This enables you to make your favorite cup of tea or coffee any time you want (included in the price, we offer unlimited coffee and tea), get something from the fridge, fry an egg, and so on. The kitchen has everything you need for breakfast (like fruits, bread, oats, cornflakes, yoghurt, cheese) and you decide what you eat for breakfast and at what time. You can also take any of these food items later dyring the day. For lunch and diner, we offer a variety of dishes, including rice, spaghetti, potatoes, different types of veggies, chicken, meat, fish, eggs, nuts, soup, salad, etc. And off course the typical Kenyan dishes like ugali, chappati and sukumawiki. Our food is fresh, clean and divers. If there is something that you like, or that you don't like to eat, you just let us know in advance and our cook will take that into account.   

The cost for the guesthouse depends on the number of visitors, the length of your stay and the season, but roughly between 35 and 47 euro per person per night. This always includes all your food and beverages, plus unlimited fruits and coffee/tea, but of course excluding luxury products such as alcoholic drinks and chocolate. For more inquiries and a quotation, send an e-mail to: or to


In summary, our guesthouse is characterized by:

- three spacious double bedrooms

- a living room with open and fully equipped kitchen

- 2 bathrooms with hot shower

- satellite television, radio, fridge, microwave, washing machine

- Free Wifi

- cook who prepares your daily (warm) lunch and diner

- safe environment and a breath taking view

- clean drinking water